CTRL ALT DEL is a surreal narrative short film.

Starting in October 2017, me and Sammie Bally started the process of producing our graduate film. From this process, CTRL ALT DEL was born- a story of a troubled teenager who uses a virtual lobotomy machine called the “Dreamweaver” which rewrites his personality through surreal nightmares.

We went through the process of pitching and got our project chosen apart of 11 projects chosen for 2018 graduate slate of films.

The film is a mix between Black Mirror and A Clockwork Orange.

This is the biggest project I’ve even undertaken, going over many months. In April / May we had our proof of concept shoot, which went pretty well and was a great learning experience, especially working with actors. Especially collaborating with other creatives- and in a film school setting can be quite tricky, as people have their own commitments and issues- all of which seem to arise during principle photography.


But that drama is just apart of the fun and the hustle to create something I’m truely passionate about.

CTRL ALT DEL will do the festival circuit in 2019 and in a couple months be distributed online for consumption.My plan for the film will vary on how it is received but I do think there is a market for films in this universe.